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Active Tropical Systems All 2017 Tropical Systems Archive Atlantic Outlook Pacific Outlook
Tropical Storm Don (Not Active)
Remnants Of Don System Track (2017):
Advisory #
Advisory Date
Position Direction
Lat Lon
1 2100 MON JUL 17 Tropical Storm
11.2N 52.6W W 15 1009 35
1A 0000 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.2N 53.8W W 15 1009 39
2 0300 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.3N 54.6W W 16 1009 39
2A 0600 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.4N 55.4W W 16 1009 39
3 0900 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.5N 56.2W W 16 1007 43
3A 1200 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.4N 57W W 16 1010 43
4 1500 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.5N 58W W 17 1011 35
4A 1800 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.5N 58.7W W 17 1011 35
5 2100 TUE JUL 18 Tropical Storm
11.7N 60W W 19 1010 35
6 0300 WED JUL 19 Remnants Of
11.9N 62.5W W 22 1012 35

View current conditions and forecasts - Nassau Bahamas weather forecast. For Grand Bahama Island weather, check the forecast for Freeport Bahamas. Weather for Exuma Bahamas is also available.

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